FastMat Drill


At FastMat, the focus is on manufacturing one piece of equipment, the FastMat Drill.  We do not make sawmills, edgers, log decks or any other wood working equipment.
“After our initial on-line search of other manufacturers’ mat drills, the cost and floor space needed seemed astronomical.  The price range of $35,000 to $150,000 for the drill and additional cost for support equipment, while only producing 9-26 mats per day per person in an 8 hour shift was unacceptable.”

With the FastMat Drill:

  • You can drill up to 48 mats per day (8/hr shift) with only one (1) person!
  • You don’t need spacers. Simply drill straight through all timbers with continuous holes.  Bolts are easily pushed in by hand.
  • You can adjust from 48” wide to 60” wide mats with a simple, three (3) minute bit change.
  • You can adjust for mat thickness from a 6” to an 18” timber in less than five (5) minutes.
  • No need to size individual timbers – unlike our competitors. Most other manufacturers’ drill units require sized timbers. This is not required for the FastMat Drill.  THEREFORE, MORE TIMBER PER LOG, LESS SIDE BOARDS AND LESS WASTE.

“The very first drill has been used in daily production for the past 5 years.  With thousands of hours of production & experience, we are thrilled to say that our average labor cost per mat is less than $.01 per board foot on 8” mats and less than $.005 per board foot on 12” mats.”

If 200-240 mats in a 40 hour week is not sufficient for your current needs, no problem!  With the low cost investment in your 2nd or 3rd drill, you can easily double or triple your production.

When the mat market is slow, the last thing you need is a high monthly payment for a high cost drill that is sitting idle. DON’T TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT.  WE INVITE YOU TO SEARCH “mat drilling machine” and compare the costs of labor and equipment.

Our complete package includes: one plug-in ready FastMat drill, staging table, floor parts, a 4’ bit and a 3-1/2” counter-sink.

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