Wood Products of Kentucky

At Wood Products of Kentucky, we saw & manufacture mats, AND ONLY MATS!  We bring you the most consistent, highest quality mats because our focus is ONLY MATS.

We can also supply all of your lagging/blocking needs, or if you need one or a thousand timbers/beams from 8’ to 42’, we can meet your specs.

The major difference between us and mat brokers is that every wood product we sell is manufactured right here at our facility in Princeton, Kentucky.

From forest to finished product, which ensures consistent quality, and a lower cost for you.

We keep an inventory of the most common mats:

  • 8” x 48” x 16′, 18′ or 20′
  • 12” x 48” x 16′, 18′ or 20′
  • 12” x 48” x 24′, 30′ or 40′
  • 3-ply laminated 6” x 8’ x 14’
  • 3-ply laminated 6” x 8’ x 16’

Constructed with 3/8” lag bolts with chains for lifting points

Mats are manufactured as either a solid or notched mat, with exposed 1” or 1-1/4” solid forged bolts.

We can also produce mats based on your specifications.

  • 6” – 12” thick
  • 48” or 60” wide
  • 8’ – 42’ long


Wood Products of KY has been great to deal with over the last 8 years. They always provide high-quality mats on time and at very competitive prices. They stand behind the products they make and have conducted themselves with honesty and integrity.


Tom Hamilton, Viking Mat Company

Bridgewell has worked with Wood Products of KY for over a year and has been extremely happy with our relationship during this time.  They are focused on the customer and work hard to make sure the customer is happy.  We have many last minute demands for products as well as shipping schedules.  Wood Products meets these demands by staying late, making special arrangements and focusing on satisfying the customer throughout the process.  On one occasion, we needed to load a truck late in the evening.  The owner, George, told us to have the driver call him and he would drive up and load the truck personally since all the employees had gone home for the evening.   Our customer needed the mats the next day and George’s attention to making things work ensured our customer was able to keep their project on track.Vince Walters - Vice President, Bridgewell Mats

Call To Order: (270) 619-0640